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A Growing Community for Turkish Needle Lace

It's been three years and as someone who writes and teaches Turkish needle lace, I am happy to say it feels like there is a growing community of artists who are having lots of fun practicing the knotted lace technique!

When I first started learning it myself, I didn't see a lot of members in various organizations practicing this form of lace. Now I am starting to see photos pop up here and there on facebook and websites to showcase knotted lace projects and that's exciting news as someone trying to make it easier and more accessible to learn.

Youtube has recently sent me an email to tell me that there are now 500 subscribers on my basic video channel - so thank you! I am glad the videos help as review!

I've been getting a lot of awesome photos from the community of their lace flowers for my student gallery! Some folks are pursuing large projects which is very exciting! I am hoping that these multi-talented fiber artists will experiment with combining lace techniques! It's something I think would be very cool to see in the future.

When COVID first started, I fell off the bandwagon and lost a bit of motivation to work on the next book. There were a lot of personal uncertainties and just an overall gloomy feeling.

During that time, I decided to try and finish a sunflower necklace I started last year while watching the Durrells in Corfu, and then I spent time just drawing for fun with the goal of being able to work on my old art projects since high school.

Teaching again during this time has really got me back into the routine of continually working on lace. I've also been getting to know the folks who really love making the lace flowers and it's brought some of that excitement back of writing patterns for me!

Leena took the virtual class with the Lace Museum and is now making her own floral necklaces using the knotted lace technique! It's the biggest project I have see from another artist! Super cool! She's also experimenting with the idea of incorporating tatting for vines and swirling leaves! I love seeing the color choices people make for their flowers!

Even though the virtual classes for July are not posted yet, you can email the lace museum to sign up:

The museum is also looking for community members to indicate whether the weekends or weekdays work better for virtual class sessions. This is the flyer for the upcoming class during Iso-LACE-tion 2020 in July!

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