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Happy New Year and What's Next in 2020!

First of all, I would like to thank all my supporters and subscribers for Turkish needle lace as 2019 comes to a close. Ever since I embarked on this journey to become an expert and designer of needle lace patterns and techniques, I've published two books, gained 343 subscribers to my YouTube channel for my beginner's videos, and taught in person via invitation in several states!

In 2020, I will begin writing and designing patterns for Turkish needle lace edgings. A member of the Ohio Thread Whisperers gave me a book she acquired on the Culture of Oya with Turkish/English translations. As I look through the book, I realize that the instructions were very minimal with some hard to interpret diagrams for lace edgings. I'll try to pull some inspiration from the book for traditional patterns, and add a couple of my own patterns into the next book.

While I would love to meet a deadline of having the book out in 2020, it might actually take a bit longer because the demo pieces will take more time to do than the flowers did for the books. In between writing this book, I'll be publishing extra flower patterns as printouts or digital pdf copies from time to time. I consider the lace edging book the last of the published book series. I believe it will wrap up everything you could want to do with Turkish needle lace.

These are probably the last images you'll see of floral necklaces for a while as I switch gears to scarfs, and handkerchiefs.

I am so glad that the books and videos have an impact on the lace community! I love hearing from people about their interest in this art. I also love getting photos of your projects! Maybe I'll start seeing people enter Turkish needle lace projects into their local lace contests, and see more of it up on IOLI.

Esther's winning christmas ornament in Midwest City, Oklahoma!
Lace Guild of Oklahoma 1st Place Christmas Ornament Contest Winner Esther

I wish you all a Happy 2020, and hope to meet more lacemakers!

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