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Hiatus Till the End of June!

Things have been quiet here at Flowers in Threads for good reason! My boyfriend and I are tying the knot in June! While I have not been making too many posts, I have been working on new flowers patterns and creating an abundance of lace flowers! My goal is to make some accessories to wear for my day at city hall! That means the next book release will probably be delayed till Fall. (Sorry!) There is so much more I want to cover with the next book, that it will have to be longer than the beginner's book. If you love making lace flowers as much as I do, then the extra time I spend to add loads more flower patterns will be worth the wait. Thank you for your patience!


The Chicago Handmade Market is coming up and is open from Noon to 4pm at the Empty Bottle! Feel free to stop by to learn more about handmade lace accessories and jewelry, or to pick up a copy of the book if you are interested in learning needle lace! I would be happy to chat with you about this craft!


I am super excited to teach this class is Ohio! If you are interested in learning more about needle lace work, please sign up for a weekend class with me! While most people are beginners, I will be more than happy to help more experience needle lace makers out with more advanced skills and techniques!

This class is a two day event and starts from 9am-4pm with a $100 tuition fee. ( 5 spaces left out of 12)

Please register online or contact Katherine Dunlevey ( for more information and to enroll.

Please provide the following information:

Name____________________________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________ Email ______________________________________________ Phone _______________________

Please send registration and checks made out to Katherine Dunlevey, 11550 Colchester Drive, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 440 543-8138; cell 440 478-4051 (text).


I am not sure if this happens to tatters, knitters, and crocheters, but when it is cold, the muscles in your hands will cramp up while doing needlework. In the last couple of weeks I have purchased a variety of gloves meant for arthritis to keep my hands happy!

These gloves have holes for the fingers and provide light compression! If your hands feel really tight, which they will after a couple of hours of needlework, the best thing to do is push the palm of your hands against each other, with one hand facing up, and one hand facing down, to stretch the ligaments, tendons, muscles. You could also push against a flat surface to get that stretch in for your hands. Repeat this for your fingers as well! They will thank you! These are just some of the products I like, since my fingers are able to move freely and do very delicate tasks with them on!

Please check out the shop for some new accessories and jewelry!

Chrysanthemum Needle Lace Necklace

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