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My Favorite Storage for Finished Needle Lace Projects

Over the last year, I've created several needle lace necklaces. To prevent them from getting dusty, I used to store them in recycled paper/cardboard jewelry boxes. The ones I've gotten don't actually stay closed. On top of that, it was a bit of a pain ruffling through the storage jewelry boxes to find a specific necklace.

After some searching, I came across some plastic photo boxes that are great for storing my projects. They are slim and easy to carry on a trip without taking too much space in a backpack or luggage. They also stack on each other easily. This container is great for little projects. I keep my finished flowers that have not been used in a project in one of these stackable containers. Check them out if you need a better way to store your needle art projects!

IRIS Extra Large 4" x 6" Photo and Embellishment Craft Keeper.

As you can see from the photos, I have a couple of different necklaces in this container. It's important to lay the necklaces relatively flat so the flowers do not get crinkled. These flowers you see in the box are also going to be patterns in my intermediate/advanced needle lace book!

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Happy Wednesday! I'm doing my blog post early this week since I will be headed to LA with my boyfriend. Have a wonderful week creative enthusiasts!

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