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New Look for 2019 and New Sections

We are now part way through February and with all the new pages I added to my site, I needed to redo its look. The categories are all listed on the homepage for you to browse! The most exciting section is the member's discussion forum! It is my dream to help connect other needle lace makers with each other and share their work and questions in one place. Feel free to register and post pictures, questions, or an introduction!

The time flies by so fast, I'm actually getting anxious about the handmade market I signed up for in March and April. I accepted the reality that I'll probably only have the things I've listed online in my shop for display at the fair and a few copies of my instructional books on needle lace. My goal will mainly be to showcase a new hobby for crafters to take up! With that goal in mind, I actually feel more like I can work on more elaborate pieces and continue the experimental processes with lace. I rarely redo a necklace, but this last week I had to make some design changes to a chrysanthemum necklace. (Photos will be coming soon!) The original version is one I will wear with my outfits, and the newly revamped version will be listed in the shop some day!


My plant babies are coming around! I'm actually a bit worried that some of them are actually getting really large leaves. That means I'll need to rotate them in and out of the "sun". I learned a lot about raising vegetable plants indoors. Since my plants are in different growth stages, I decided to create different elevated platforms for them to rest on.

Probably my biggest mistake is not being able to tell the difference between my bell pepper, eggplant, and hot pepper plant. Some of those seeds were duds, so I had to get rid of them. If you're interested in indoor gardening click here.

Aggresively Organic- Green bean, squash, kale, and broccoli sprout.

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