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Oya Lace Class in Ohio Weekend of March 30-31st

Good morning lacemakers! Today, I am excited to announce another workshop in the Midwest- this time in Ohio! Katherine Dunlevey was so sweet to help organize and reach out to me about this event. This time, it will be a two day workshop/class from 9am-4pm each day.

We will go over the following learning points! If students are zooming through the beginner techniques, I can help individuals with any intermediate techniques and answer any questions during the class about a particular pattern!

Learning Points:

Knots and Loops- The Fundamental Units in Needle Lace

Increasing Loops in a Row

Decreasing Loops in a Row

Casting on New Color or Adding More Thread

Good Practice with Tail Ends and Casting On

Undoing Knots and Mistakes

The Effects of Layering

Working in the Round

The Effects of Outlining (Intermediate)

The Effects of Pinching Petals (Intermediate)

Please send registration and checks made out to Katherine Dunlevey, 11550 Colchester Drive, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 440 543-8138; cell 440 478-4051 (text).

Since I have been getting involved in more events around the Midwest, I created a new section to post new information about my whereabouts in teaching and markets on the events page. Please check it out!


Aggressively Organics

This is actually a side note! The last few days I have been working on my new indoor vegetable garden! I've always been interested in plants! Back in San Francisco, I spent a lot of time with my siblings in the backyard where my dad grew fruit trees and orchids. I'd like to think the green thumb runs in the family!

Anyways, living in a small space in the city means the dreams of growing vegetables and flowers was difficult to imagine. I recently came across this company that sells variant vegetable and fruit seeds to create edible dwarf plants that do not require more than a square foot of space at home. After about three of days of germination, my squash blossom plant started to emerge from the coconut husk "soil" it was sitting in. If you are interested in growing your own vegetable garden at home I highly recommend this group! You can order your victory garden HERE!

I will keep you on the next phase of the process when my plants are ready to move into their "pots". The other fruits/vegetables I've planted are kale, strawberries, brocolli, and green beans. I started the green beans yesterday night, so I they are a bit behind in germination!

After three days of germination, my squash blossom emerged!

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