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The Future of Needle Lace Flowers and Flowers in Threads

Last week a guest on my website asked whether video tutorials are coming back? The short answer is not in the near future (Sorry!). At the moment, I am focusing on my next book! If you have gotten a copy of the beginner's book from Tatting Corner, and you feel ready for more intermediate and advanced patterns, I've got some really cool ones for you! I'm hoping to get it done by Summer 2019 (but can't guarantee it.) This book will be even longer than the fifty page beginner book. The intermediate book will skip over all terminology and techniques learned in the first book. So, if you are interested in learning needle lace, do not skip learning from a beginner book!

Videos are very difficult to shoot and edit. It actually involves more work and time than I can give right now. I had to reshoot the beginner's video several times because of focusing issues or difficulties getting the work centered in the shot. I was also using a free program to add subtitles, and it was a bit frustrating dealing with the limitations. Unless I plan to monetize it through a good video selling platform, I probably won't touch videos for a long time.

At the moment, I currently hand out links to people who have purchased my book or have taken a beginner's course from me in the past. Otherwise, it is possible to find other YouTube videos on needle lace out there. Try to Google Igne Oyasi. I've been able to find videos on it.

My last post talked about how I'd like to ideally spend my weekdays. The reality is that I take care of most of the maintenance at home since I stopped going to a nine to five job. (I also enjoy cooking, so sometimes it requires a large chunk of time to do that and clean right after!) Even when you do not work a nine to five at an office anymore, it is still difficult to consistently spend a large chunk of your day dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, creating, designing, studying, exploring, etc. Perhaps the most surprising thing is finding how much time you actually spend in doors working on things and keeping up with chores.

I actually get a couple hours of work in two to three days of the week for needle lace. For me, books are always going to take priority as a project because I want to keep my patterns neat. When I work on a design pattern, I write notes on a piece of paper and hope to God I don't lose it. I make adjustments and tweaks to it before I put the final instructions and diagrams in Illustrator.

I am fortunate I have a supportive partner who lets me pursue my dream. At one point, I spent my time working on making a difference in the field of science, now I am trying to put knowledge of an ancient needle craft out there for creative folks interested in fiber arts. I am currently being published in both worlds. My first book for needle lace enthusiasts is out, and I hope to do at least one more book on the subject.

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