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Resources and Links

Full Disclosure: I do not get paid for providing the links below.


​Fiskar Scissors

The blades of these scissors are nice and sharp and thinner than the blunt version. It makes it easier to cut the ends of the extraneous threads closer to the work so nothing sticks out.


​John James Gold Plated Tapestry Needles (Size 22, 20, and 18)

Needle size 22 for Lizbeth 40, size 20 for Lizbeth 20, and size 18 for Lizbeth 10. If you're starting out, it is best to have a variety of tapestry needles. Made in England and of very high quality. I've never had issues with burrs in the eye of the needle.

Pony Golden Eye Tapestry Needles 18 - 24

Needle size 24 for Lizbeth size 80. Made in India. Must be aware that the eye of the needle may have burrs.

Protection and Storage:

​Iris Photo Storage Case 4x6 Pack of 10

I put all my finished floral lace necklaces into these storage cases. The biggest reason is that it is easy to see what is in the case, and it will not mold like cardboard boxes do. You can throw a desiccant packet into the box if you want to help preserve your work.

Resealing Bags 50mm x 50mm

Most of my lace flowers have tail ends and working ends I weave and stitch into my necklace cords. To keep them from tangling up, I put one flower into each bag for safe keeping. The bags also help keep the flower petals flat. Sometimes the flowers with longer petals have a tendency to curl when stuffed in a box with many other things. This is another layer of preservation and protection for your lace florals. I highly recommend doing this.



I had the pleasure of meeting Marilee in person at Tollway Tatters this weekend. She is an amazing tatting artist with wonderful designs. Her latest work on grapes and milkweed pods was very captivating. She also dyes her threads and sells them in her Etsy store.​

If you live in the states and sign up for the free catalog, Handy Hands, will throw in a few samples of their Lizbeth thread for you to try. If you sign up for their newsletter, they offer free shipping on orders over $35.

If you want to try metallic threads, I highly recommend the #4 very fine braid, # 8 fine braid, and #12 tapestry braid. Kreinik has a huge selection of colors to please those who love sparkle.​


Lisa's shop carries a variety of brands for thread. If you're interested in trying a variety of materials instead of products from just one manufacturer, she can help you select what might work best for your projects. She also hosts a Secret Santa Exchange, arts and craft nights, and a tatting weekend event every summer.​

Filaments and Wires:​

FireLine Braided Bead Thread, 0.006-Inch, Crystal Clear


I use filaments sometimes when I create the star flowers and geraniums if I want a bit more structure to my pinched flowers. These filaments are great if you want something that does not show up. This material does not kink, and works best when tracing loops.

Beadalon Wildfire 0.006" Frost 20 yd Thermally Bonded Beading Thread, 0.006-Inch

This filament is useful when you want to add a bit more structure and add kinks to the filament during outlining. Works best with lighter color flowers.​

eBoot Stem Wire Floral Wire 14 Inch 26 Gauge Wire, 100 Pieces (Dark Green)

If you want to make lace floral sculptures for a vase, I highly recommend getting straight stem wires, instead of a wire on a spool. You can introduce kinks into the wire where you want it, without having to worry about the stem being crooked from unraveling it.



This is a facebook community for people who admire and want to learn Turkish needle lace. Members post questions, and pictures of their projects here.


If you want to find a group of people who meet to do lace together, please check the IOLI. They list all the active groups around the US and abroad. The guilds I have visited are very welcoming and friendly to new members!​



There are three books out there that also cover Turkish needle lace. You can decide which format of instructions you prefer. These books do not have overlapping patterns with the books I have available on Turkish needle lace. So if you like to collect more patterns to try, here are the other books available.

Bibilla Knotted Lace Flowers (Milner Craft Series)​

Needle Lace Flowers: Creating Exquisite Flowers and Borders with Just a Needle and Thread​

Mediterranean Knotted Lace (Milner Craft (Paperback))​

History and Symbolism:

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