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100 Copies in the Universe!

It happened! I'm down to the last copy in the second reprint of fifty. It's been super awesome to know that there are so many people interested in learning this art. I am really excited to see what happens in the next couple of years! More patterns from other lace makers, more conversations and teaching for knotted floral lace design, the spread of the knowledge and the notice for this craft. Every year that goes by makes me hopeful that I'll see more people get into this art.

I'm actually torn about doing another reprint of fifty more copies of the original beginner's books. I think I want to redo the cover if I decide to do a reprint, but at the same time, I want to start transferring it piecemeal to kindle and e-books.

I still have my work cut out for me with new pattern designs and possibly another book. It's been super hard for me to decide what's important.

Palmetto Tat Days is coming up early September! I think it might be a little late to get some reprints for my beginner's book, but I'll bring the last copy as a sample if anyone wants to preorder a copy for possibly a third printing. I still have copies of my second book on intermediate and advanced patterns, so I'll bring those along with me to the event. A pretty good substitute for the beginner's book is the beginner's quick guide which I will bring as packaged handouts (12 pages long).

Even though it's been a strange year, time has really flown by quickly. I've been switching some of my focus to drawing again, but I still also want to make lace florals. This might actually cause a bit of a delay in for the third book to early mid 2021.

Anyways, I really appreciate all the positive feedback from my students about my teaching. I can tell you that how I taught the class the first time has significantly changed since, and I've gotten a better feel for how to articulate the techniques.

Here ares some cool lace pieces that have been submitted from the Dogwood Lace Guild members and the virtual classes with the Lace Museum prior to the last post and website update:

Stay safe and take care everyone!

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