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The Third and Final Book - Where to go from here?

I am happy to announce that the third and final book has been published. If you do pick up a copy, one of the illustrations on page 30 step 12 is missing some images of knots, but has no effect on the pattern instruction itself. Here is the link to the book in the shop.

2020 was such a strange year that I didn't really bother to post much. The beginning of 2021 was devastating with the loss of my father at the end of March. It caused some delays with completing the book a few months earlier, but I finally made it. I have spent quite a bit of time wondering where to go from here with needle lace. I have some advanced patterns that I have not written, and will probably publish on Amazon only as a digital file (my printer also stopped working and will not be replaced any time soon.)

Some people over the years were curious about how I put my books together, so here it is! I currently use both Adobe Illustrator and Indesign CS6 to put the books together. I draw in Illustrator because a vector drawing program does not lose image quality when it is resized in the file, and then I copy a rasterized version of the images into Indesign to layout the images and text together in a document. It kind of drove me a bit crazy bouncing back and forth between the two programs, but I have not heard of anyone just doing detailed illustrated books in just one program.

My goal for the future is to keep the interest in Turkish needle lace going, and hopefully teach some more advanced techniques and patterns. I will keep teaching Turkish needle lace through the Lace Museum and continue working on designing accessories and inspiration pieces for the website gallery.

IOLI 2021 : Virtual Con - July 24-August 1

If you haven't check it out already, the Lace Museum is helping IOLI host virtual classes here:

This is a great way to dabble in the different techniques available. I'm teaching several beginner virtual sessions, so if you are interested, please sign up at the link above.

Tat Day 2021 : August 26-29

I will be returning to Tat days to teach some beginner lace edging patterns. So if you are interested in hanging out with a great and enthusiastic crowd of lacemakers, this is the place! It was a such a wonderful retreat last year!!,-Be%20SURE%20to

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Joan Thomas
Joan Thomas
Jun 10, 2021

Exciting to see the book released! My order is in!!! :)

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