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E-Book: Needle Lace for Beginners Now Available Through Amazon

Happy Friday! This week I am announcing the digital version of my book Needle Lace for Beginners! I've gotten inquiries in the past about whether it would be up on Amazon because shipping is cheaper. The good news is the digital version doesn't require any shipping! I have a few craft books on paracording and needle lace in my kindle library and have no issues with reading things from my phone. If you are a fan of digital books, e-reading devices, or reading on apps, this is the format for you. One important thing to note: the book is best viewed on a color screen (kindle fire, ipad, kindle app) instead of shades of grays on the regular kindle. Please keep this in mind when you purchase the book.

What about a physical copy of the book?

The physical copy of the book is sold solely through Lisa Adams of Tatting Corner. If you are planning to buy supplies for your needle craft, she has everything you need to do needle lace at her shop. In a way, it makes more sense to pick up the book and supplies at the same time if you don't have any threads or needles to work with. The physical copy of the book supports myself as the artist and designer, Lisa Adams as a small family business /local craft store, and a local print shop in Indiana: Broadway Press. This is also the reason the digital copy of the book is not any cheaper than the physical copy of the book. (If Lisa had a way to sell digital versions of the book I would let her sell that version as well.)

Lisa is currently doing her "12 Days of Christmas Promotion" through her mailing list. Please subscribe if you are interested in learning about the discounts each day for her shop!

The Intermediate/Advanced Book on Needle Lace

Over the past week, I have been spending a couple of hours of my days illustrating and writing the intermediate/advanced patterns and technique book for needle lace. I am currently trying to wrap up my section on Pansies and Violas.

There are lots of differences between the beginners book and intermediate advanced book. Each section on a specific flower could be longer because of the petal variations. I have two versions of the violas, and three versions of the pansies in the upcoming book in various sizes. These flowers have interesting blotches, lateral hairs, and color variations making them one of the more exciting patterns to write about.

For the next six months, I'll be grinding away at writing and illustrating. These books take a lot of time to develop and in some ways this book also requires more difficult illustrations for the patterns. My goal at this point is to write all my patterns to this date down, instead of developing more patterns.

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