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Store Update! The Return of Video Basics!

If you ever wanted to see how I do needle lace, the videos are now back up on my site. Once you're confident with the techniques shown in the video, you can now work with pattern instructions! Please see the five second video of what the inside of my book: Needle Lace for Beginners looks like. I created this book because the two books available in English before mine did not have the greatest of details when it came to techniques and instructions. Since then, I've developed many more techniques and ideas!

Shop Update!

Spring is around the corner and I am working hard to create pieces for my Chicago show at the end of March. Since I punched a hole in my thumb, I have to wait until it heals before I can continue working on my needle lace projects. This gave me some time to do a photoshoot of things I have made. My greatest worry is not having enough pieces to display since it takes several days to do a necklace by handweaving the lace. The more flowers there are on the necklace, the more time it takes to create. I've gone back and forth between creating pendants and full-on needle lace necklaces.

The most unique pieces have the pansies!

I also have some pendants up in the online store too. I also created a pair of purple flower earrings that are no pierce! They are the new and modern stick on earrings! Enjoy and happy lacemaking!

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