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The Textile Art Swap/Share II Project (Closed)

Our week here in Chicago has been a bit topsy turvy. It's not because of the weather drastically dropping to the 40's F. It's actually because Xiao spent the week doing the graveyard shift at work. Since he was around during the morning, and asleep by 5-6pm in the evenings, I put doing any fiber related projects on hold.

I recently came across a group that is about to wrap up their first Textile Art Swap Project . Basically, every month, you send a piece of work to the next person and add something to their picture. At the end of the year, you will get your starting piece returned to you. The first project was around the European countries and Canada. This time they are opening it up to include the US and other countries.

Any kinds of textile art are welcome: Machine embroidery Hand stitching/embroidery Knitting Crochet Appliqué Felting Textile paint/ink/dye Printing Abstract or figurative work

This probably also includes tatting or lace-making as long as it is fiber/textile relate in nature.

Last year, I participated in a secret santa exchange through Tatting Corner, and was blown away with the tatting cards and towel I received from Australia. I use the towels in my home, and keep the cards in a drawer with my art stuff.

Exchanges and collaborations are fun for creatives to connect with other creatives around the world. Feel free to check out this group here:

I believe their organizer is Jet Black since she has been kindly responding to all sorts of questions for the people who join and are interested. Remember to answer the questions to join the group! Happy Friday!

(UPDATE): The group is now closed with roughly 40 participants worldwide!

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