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Virtual Classes for Turkish Needle Lace 2020!

In the last month, I had the great opportunity to help pilot virtual teaching with the wonderful Lace Museum in Sunnyvale, California. I had some fears about teaching virtually for something as delicate as lacemaking, but it was surprisingly very successful! The students in the class did very well and all the photos I have seen of their work after class looked amazing!

Just like my videos on the Youtube channel, I use thicker threads to teach classes. When students are watching the live demonstrations on their laptop or desktop screens, it's sometimes easier to see what is happening through a more magnified view. The benefits of taking a class online even if the instructions are really good, is to help navigate the nuances on how to get the knots and spacing consistent with alternative methods or explanations. It's also the fastest way to learn, and is much more affordable alternative than in person classes in very specific locations.

The first class filled up so quickly that we did a second round of beginner's classes a few weeks later.

I love the fact that some of my students went on to make multiple flowers to practice and even started experimenting and tackling more challenging patterns after!

Upcoming June Classes!

Information for an intermediate class on violas and pansies from the second book, "Flowers in Threads: Intermediate and Advanced Patterns for Needle Lace" is set for the weekend of June 13/14th so mark your calendars and email: to sign up!

I am also teaching a beginner's class virtually with the Dogwood Lace Guild who are putting together some really amazing kits with personalized touches for the class! There are only two spaces left for this class with new patterns for 2020. The flyer for the class is here:

virtual oya flyer
Download PDF • 126KB

You can email: if you are interested in joining!

Lace Edging Pattern Releases

In the past I would spend a whole year working on a book for Turkish needle lace before getting it printed and self-published. The biggest downside of getting a book ready for printing is the large quantity you have to print to get it at a decent price per book with the upfront cost and the storage space you need after you receive it. Space becomes more precious when you live with another person in a 1 bedroom unit, so I'm going to release various lace edging patterns as printouts or e-patterns in the future.

That basically means, when the rest of the physical copies are gone for the first and second book, I'll be breaking it down into individual patterns for digital download via Amazon or hopefully another e-book/pattern website. I'll also start offering it as physical handouts that can be mailed.

Requesting Virtual Classes via Lace Museum

If there is a pattern you would love to have a virtual class on, please let know! They help organize and invite teachers to teach classes, and I prefer to partner with them for all virtual events going forward!

I hope everyone is enjoying the time to pick up new hobbies, learn new things, and spend more time with their loved ones at home as we navigate social distancing! Stay safe out there!

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