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Welcome to the New Website!

Every website goes through stages of evolution in their appearance. Sometimes it is to reflect the changes in the mission and goal of the site. Mostly, it is to get rid of clunky features that are no longer needed. The old website had a lot of tabs I wanted to get rid of like the online store for my needle lace flower jewelry and accessories. That section of the site will no longer be available.

Now I can focus on the actual art and tips for needle lace flowers! I will try my best to write more posts about products and recommendations for creatives interested in learning more about the art. I will also be sharing other things I have a strong interest in like cooking, and my own personal experiences and thoughts on life. My goal is to post what I have been up to weekly on Fridays and work on a second book with more advanced needle lace flower patterns. The rest of the days from Monday - Thursday, I'll be working on creating needle lace flowers and other life responsibilities. Stay tuned for more posts!

Chiluhy Glass Museum in Seattle!

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